Where and how are the products made?
The modern-twist design studio is in the San Francisco Bay Area, California. All modern-twist products are produced by carefully selected overseas manufacturers that share our values in respecting the environment, their workers and our consumers.

What is FDA grade silicone? Is it safe?
In wide use since the 1940’s, silicone rubber has a long history of domestic, industrial and medical use. With over 60 years of close study, its properties and safety are very well understood.

FDA grade silicone, which is used exclusively for all modern-twist products, is a pure, high grade type of silicone that is safe for direct contact with foods. It is nontoxic, does not stain food, dishes or cookware, and does not stick to foods or objects.

What about the inks? Are they safe?
Completely. The inks used on our modern-twist products have all been tested and certified as Food Safe and Non-Toxic by independent laboratory analysis.

How should I clean my Modern-twist products?
All of our FDA grade silicone products are non-sticking and very easy to clean – A quick rinse in clean water is usually all that is needed. For stickier foods or stains (like honey, jam or ballpoint pen ink), a quick rub with a damp sponge will do the job. For full care instructions, please go to our Care Instructions link.

Will Modern-twist products stain?
Under normal use, no - FDA grade silicone is highly resistant to staining. Some spills however should be wiped off fairly soon to avoid staining. These include red wine, tomato sauce, pen ink, etc.

Can I wash the products in the dishwasher?
Yes! Our products are highly resistant to both heat and chemicals, but modern dishwashing detergents can be quite harsh and may shorten the life of the silkscreened inks and silky soft feel.

Will the products fade over time?
All products fade or change color in direct sunlight – UV (Ultraviolet) rays from the sun are quite powerful! However, modern-twist products are fade resistant and, with normal care and by storing them out of direct sunlight when not in use, they will provide many years of use before discoloring.

Can I use Modern-twist outside?
Absolutely! In fact all modern-twist products are ideal for outdoor use – they are completely waterproof, unaffected by temperature extremes ( can with stand up to 450 degrees farenheit), salt and fade resistant, easy to clean, anti-slip and heavy enough not to blow away in the breeze.

Just remember to store your modern-twist products out of direct sunlight when not using them and if you are using them on a boat or by the ocean, it is best to wipe off any salt with a damp sponge before putting them away.

Will the placemats protect my table from stains?
Yes! Our FDA grade silicone mats are completely impermeable and will protect your surfaces from stains, scratches, dings and many of the other "dangers" of dining.

However, since liquids can roll off the mat, it is always a good idea to clean up spills quickly to avoid damage to the adjoining surface.

Are modern Twist products resistant to mold and mildew? What about germs?
Yes. In fact, FDA grade silicone is well known for not supporting microbiological growth (which just means that spores, bacteria and most other germs have difficulty growing on it) making it a very "clean" surface. This is one reason why silicone is widely used in medical equipment around the world.


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