Bucket Bib: Special Edition Sloth - Jungle Green

BB020 $18.00

Special Edition Earth Day Sloth Bucket-Bib in Jungle Green!
With every purchase we will donate to the Sloth Conservation Foundation.

Size: 10.5 inches tall / 8 inches wide. Holds 3.2 fluid ounces.
The plastic-free bucket-bib is made of pure, silky soft & reusable silicone. Reuse knowing that your baby is safe from lead, latex, phthalates, BPAs and other harsh chemicals.

CARE: We’ve kept harsh chemical coatings off of all modern-twist products to keep you healthy & safe. Make sure to clean spills after each meal to avoid staining your bucket-bib & avoid punctures by keeping it away from sharp objects. All of our products are heat resistant to 425 F or 250 C.

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